Malatko baby food

We know that every mother dreams to see her children healthy and strong. This is precisely why our product range is expanding year by year, offering for parents and their babies all over the world healthy and diverse baby food of the highest quality.

All products are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards, such as: HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HALAL, IFS, FSSC.

Malatko is a brand name that represents truly maternal love and responsibility.

Malatko is a basis of health from first days and for the whole life.

European quality and reliability

Unique formulations

Personal approach

Innovative technologies




Baby’s health begins with water from first days of life, thus we developed a unique product – special baby water with perfectly balanced mineral composition for babies, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

This water has scientifically proven formula, which differs from the water for adults in composition and mineralization level. It protects baby’s body from salt overload, facilitates digestion and strengthens baby’s immune system. Besides, it does not overload the kidneys of a child and a pregnant or nursing woman.


  • 0,33 l
  • 0,33 l (special cap – sport/no-spill)
  • 0,5 l
  • 1,5 l


Malatko baby cereals developed to normalize digestion and strengthen the immune system of a baby. The formulation of baby cereals is specially created to meet special needs of baby’s body.

Cereals are produced from premium quality hygienic certified raw materials. Each production stage is strictly monitored. A remarkable advantage of our cereals lies in their composition enriched with vitamins of all groups, iodine, iron, calcium and other minerals. Continuous study of raw materials components used in the baby cereals production helps in achieving the optimal balance of nutrients for healthy development of a baby.


WE OFFER YOU baby cereals in 200 g packing:

  • single-components and multiple components
  • milk and non-milk with different tastes, various fruits and berries.

Purees in pouches

Undeniable advantage of an innovative packing ‘pouch’ is its ease of use and ergonomics.

Pouch is a very convenient packing both for mother and baby. Infants gladly eat it by themselves. They can easily open and close the pouch without breaking it and spilling the contents.

Besides, only Malatko pouches have unique caps, which can be like a building set for your baby! In addition to delicious and useful food, the baby also can develops by assembling a constructor.


The key feature of Malatko baby purees is their 100% natural properties. Cold processing of fresh fruits in purees production makes it possible to preserve all nutrients, vitamins, as well as freshness and flavor of specially selected fruits. Due to the special approach to the puree preparation, Malatko puree is perfect for feeding infants in their first months.


Malatko baby juices are made from natural fruits and vegetables following the unique formulations with due account for the peculiarities of child’s body. They are characterized by the lowest possible level of sugar, as well as its complete absence, complete with the high content of natural vitamins and microelements for proper growth and development of a baby.

We offer a wide range of mono-component and poly-component baby juices in 180 ml glass bottles and 200 ml tetra-paks:

  • fruit juices (4+ months)
  • vegetable juices (5+ months)
  • fruit and vegetable juices (5+ months).


This product is made from natural raw materials enriched with vitamins (B1, B2, E, C, A, PP) and microelements (calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium), which are essential for the healthy development of a child.

Due to special formulation and preparation technology, baby biscuits easily melt in milk or in the mouth of your baby, turning into creamy mush, making this product safe even for youngest gourmets.


Range of 100 g and 200 g biscuits are as follows:

  • carrot
  • vanilla
  • honey
  • classic